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Author Spotlight:
Michelle Chalmers, MSW
Facilitator of Diversity Conversations

Michelle Chalmers is a racial justice educator and children's author.  Michelle received a BSW from Wheelock College in Boston, an MSW from San Diego State University.


Her passion has always been working with children, and after having children of her own, learned one of the best ways to help teach her children, was through books. 

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My first children's book is titled, "The Skin on My Chin" and is a fun rhyming picture book that children, ages 2 to 12 and you, will enjoy. This book was written as a tool for parents and teachers to engage in conversations about skin color, melanin, ancestry, diversity, race, stereotypes and prejudice. The author aims to foster an awareness of the importance of teaching children the benefits of diversity and of being a global citizen.​​
The Story of METCO, is my second children's book written to tell the history of the Massachusetts METCO program, the 2nd longest running voluntary school integration program in the country.   
"I am You are," is my third book and was created to celebrate the wonder, beauty and grace of boys, who may identify as Black and mixed race. My hope is that with more positive images and attributes we express to ourselves and to each other, we will diminish the impact of demeaning stereotypes on our beautiful boys. 

My fourth children's book is titled, "Vitamin D and Me - How Humans Outsmarted the Sun."

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