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Storytime Crafts Receives Grant from the IR+M Charitable Fund

Needham, MA - Storytime Crafts, Inc. has had a great amount of impact since its founding in 2019. The organization has distributed over 50,400 books, and developed special initiatives during COVID-19 to provide free books to children and families in need, in addition to masks, hygiene products, bikes, games, and baby formula. 


The organization is now seeking to grow further and expand its impact. Storytime Crafts is grateful to have received support in the form of a grant from the IR+M Charitable Fund.


In particular, over the next three years, Storytime Crafts seeks to expand its services and increase the sustainability of its literacy and kindness efforts by building its volunteer program to create growth opportunities for their high school student “Volunteer Ambassadors”. “Growing our volunteer program is essential to increasing our impact,” says Vergara. "Volunteers can make a tangible change in a person’s life, while also giving them hope."


Storytime Crafts also has plans to evolve to segmented programming that will target unique needs of different age groups of learners, e.g. early learning vs. elementary vs. high school levels. Storytime Crafts is working to create ongoing partnerships with core nonprofit and school partners to ensure communities with the largest need are served consistently. 


Storytime Crafts was founded with the goal of uniting communities to promote inclusive childhood learning opportunities. The organization is dedicated to amplifying the voices and stories of diverse children’s book authors and directing literacy resources throughout communities. 


Founder and President, Lisa Vergara has delivered on the organization’s mission by uniting volunteers and donors to support the organizations grassroots literacy initiative. Her vision is to leverage Storytime Crafts to create more equity in the communities around Boston, and has engaged a diverse Advisory Group with passion and experience to focus on these issues. "Although the pandemic has impacted us all, it has not impacted us all equally," said Lisa. "This grant is particularly meaningful because we can focus on making a larger impact throughout communities in need. We are incredibly grateful for this grant from the IR+M Charitable Fund."


IR+M is committed to supporting organizations that endeavor to create a more inclusive, equitable, and diverse community, such as Storytime Crafts and its mission to promote childhood literacy for all.