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She’s Dynamic!

Sandra Elaine Scott has the stage presence and charisma of a leader, the wisdom and insight of a coach and trainer, and the playfulness of a child that blends to deliver a powerful and effective presentation!

She’s Charismatic!

Sandra is truly authentic. She captivates your audience with powerful stories that are rich in content and leaves participants with strategies and actions to take. Sandra speaks in a conversational manner yet her message is dynamic. Thus folks leave her presentations satisfied and feeling as if they just had a meaningful conversation with one of their closest friends. Her positive attitude is so infectious that it spills over to the audience so that they leave uplifted, energized and filled with a can-do spirit.

She’s Transformational!

Sandra’s unwavering faith and her beguiling positivity are so contagious that all around her become empowered to find joy in their own lives. Sandra is the perfect keynote speaker for your special event, conference, or meeting if you desire attendees:

  • To feel inspired and motivated

  • To feel passionate about their work and life

  • To increase work productivity

  • To increase their potential

  • To attend a powerful, uplifting presentation that will empower and move them to action

Author Spotlight:
Sandra Elaine Scott

Award-Winning Author Sandra Elaine Scott is an International Speaker, Corporate Trainer and Life Coach who inspires joy and specializes in helping individuals turn their someday dreams into today’s reality with her unique blend of powerful, captivating stories, positive strategies and practical action steps. Sandra believes in the spirit of giving back through the stewardship principles of Time, Talent and Treasure. Her former career as a nonprofit director and fundraising professional, along with the legacy of her parents, inspire her to serve as the President of the Friends of the Millis Public Library, sing in the St. Thomas Catholic Church choir and support several charitable organizations serving children, women and seniors.


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“Sandra brings energy and enthusiasm to her classroom. She looks for ways to connect with her audience. She is engaging and knowledgeable. Sandra is always willing to share her knowledge and experience and is supportive to anyone she is working with. She not only teaches in the classroom, but coaches as well and it is her natural tendency to want to help people better themselves. I enjoy the opportunity to work with Sandra whenever possible and recommend her highly.”

Judy Friend
President, Crestar Consulting, LLC

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