A Message from the Founder

I am the founder and president of Storytime Crafts. I grew up in Needham, MA. When I was young, I was always doing arts & crafts; painting on slate, doing macrame, gimp, tie-dye, knitting, candle making, decoupage, quilling, embroidering, origami, string art, and so much more.


In high school my first summer job was with Needham Park and Recreation soon becoming Director of the Arts and Crafts Summer Workshop, which I have such fond memories of. 

Here I am in 1979, with a rather large paper mache pig presented to the Needham Public Library from Needham Park and Recreation. The porky paper mache pig was auctioned at the "Oinkless" Auction at the Sept 19th Pig Day, sponsored by the Friends of the Needham Public Library.

1996 - Logos for Saint Joseph Elementary School and Haddad Middle School in Needham.

2016 - Logo for the Needham library.

2016 - Celebrating a century at Highland and Rosemary.

I went to school at Needham High School and University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, graduating with a BFA in Graphic Design in 1983. 


My career as a graphic designer has taken me down so many exciting paths. Starting in 1985, I served as Creative Art Director at Pine Manor College in Chestnut Hill. I also taught kindergarten art at Saint Joseph Elementary School in Needham. 

I worked for Needham Public Schools, at Needham High School and Mitchell Elementary School. I also worked at Saint Joseph Elementary School and Haddad Middle School in Needham, the Needham Free Public Library, Barnes and Nobles Booksellers at Babson College and Needham Park and Recreation. I served on the Library Foundation of Needham board and the Friends of the Needham Public Library board. 

With all my crafting and graphic design experience, I was inspired to create fun furniture out of my passion for children's books and the idea to reuse old furniture. The thought came to me, "How do I blend chairs and books to tell a story?" My desire to promote reading and literacy inspired me to think three dimensionally. "How do I make a story come to life?' and "How do I capture the minds and curiosity of young readers?"  

Storytime Crafts, Inc. founded in 2019, is a 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit that promotes literacy and kindness.

Lisa Vergara


Storytime Crafts, Inc.