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Coakley Middle School, Norwood

The mission of the Dr. Philip O. Coakley Middle School is to develop global citizens who appreciate learning. In partnership with the Norwood community, we foster social, emotional, and intellectual growth in a safe, inclusive, and academically rigorous environment.  We are committed to the core values of respect and responsiblity.

"I am so thankful for our partnership with Storytime Crafts.  The loss of a student is devastating and losing a student to violence is even more difficult.  When Lisa reached out to our school with a donation of a chair and a set of the books "New Kid" and "Class Act", by Jerry Craft, it felt like a great way to memorialize everything that Tyler was to us at CMS. 

     The brief presentation gave his family the opportunity to come in and speak to our grade 7 students and helped the family to recognize that Tyler would not be forgotten at CMS.  Thank you again for your generous donation and for helping make Tyler a permanent part of our school!"

-- Margo Fraczek, Principal, Coakley Middle School, Norwood

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