Become a Volunteer Ambassador for Storytime Crafts

At Storytime Crafts our mission is to promote reading through Art, Kindness and Community.

This is achieved by

Inspiring ART

Promoting LITERACY


Spreading KINDNESS

What is a Storytime Crafts Volunteer Ambassador?

A Storytime Crafts Volunteer Ambassador is an individual who loves to make a difference in the community by getting involved to celebrate diversity through literacy and spread kindness.

What do Volunteer Ambassadors do?

Volunteer Ambassadors help spread the mission of Storytime Crafts by creating a culture of inclusiveness within communities.

Volunteer Ambassador roles:

1. Participate in school and community events distributing books to spread the joy of reading.

2. Conduct books drives and sort book donations for distribution.

3. Use your talents and skills to help further the mission of Storytime Crafts

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Sponsors and Partners for Literacy:

2019 Storytime Crafts, Inc
Storytime Crafts is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit

Storytime Crafts, Inc

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