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Ellis Early Learning Center, South End

Ellis partners with families to provide high quality early childhood education in a warm, nurturing environment. A recognized leader in our field, we support children across the socio-economic spectrum, treasure diversity in all forms, and celebrate the joy of childhood.

Serving Boston's Working Families Since 1885. Ellis is committed to providing high quality early learning opportunities in a socio-economically, racially, and culturally diverse environment.

“Storytime Crafts is a welcome addition to organizations adding value in our community. Somehow they’re able to magically collect and curate high-quality treasures for children and distribute them to those who need them. Our jaws dropped when 31 boxes(!) of musical instruments, books, puzzles and more arrived at Ellis for our children and families to enjoy. Thank you again, Storytime Crafts!”

-- Lauren Cook, Chief Executive Officer

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