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What our volunteers have to say...

Abigail Sprinsky -Needham High School '21


I have been collecting and donating books as personal projects my entire life. When I heard about Storytime Crafts, I knew that I wanted to be a part of the organization.

     Lisa’s mission is unique in that she is very focused on the fact that children of color deserve to learn to read with books that have characters that they look like and relate to, a problem that I did not even realize existed as a member of a predominantly white community.

     In addition, working around the constraints of the pandemic, Lisa makes a point of developing personal connections with both her volunteers and the people to whom she donates. As a volunteer, it is that personal connection that makes me feel the impact of her hard work and my contribution to it. 

Michelle Virovtsev - Needham High School '23

Dear Needham community,


The charitable nonprofit organization Storytime Crafts is here to make a difference! The organization revolves around the goal of spreading kindness through literacy and art.

     Lisa Vergara, the founder of the organization, has put so much time and effort into helping children all around Massachusetts through her organization. She focuses on providing literacy through the form of books and art for the Needham youth. Additionally, she has been striving to initiate inclusive book-rich environments for children.

     Needham is a very inclusive community that is striving for diversity. With similar motives as this nonprofit, it would be an excellent idea to combine both forces together! With the financial support from the Needham community, Storytime Crafts can continue to provide literacy and kindness to all of Needham youth.

     From my experience volunteering at Storytime Crafts, I have explored the various ways of giving back to my community. I believe that no matter how big or small your actions are, you can make a change by volunteering.

     In 2021, I started volunteering at Storytime Crafts. I have helped with all sorts of projects ranging from art paintings, collages, and book sorting! These small acts of kindness help communities such as the Needham youth to be exposed to the possibilities of literacy.

     Students like myself can volunteer at this organization and become members of the volunteer ambassador program where students can gain community service hours. Collaborating with Storytime Crafts will help spread literacy and kindness all throughout the Needham youth and the Needham community.

Michelle Virovtsev.JPG

Abhi Kasula - Needham High School '21

StorytimeCrafts provides me with a great opportunity to help others. Being able to work with other students to actually help my community is such a great experience.

     Since my senior year in high school I’ve learned about the disparities in education and the lack of resources in the Greater Boston Area and seeing the change that Storytime Crafts has done is amazing. 

   The environment while working is incredible, being surrounded by hard work and generous donations and seeing the appreciation of the community. Volunteering at Storytime crafts has been a truly fulfilling experience. 

Abhi Kasula.jpg

Kate Paik - Needham High School '22

kate paik.JPG

Storytime Crafts founder Lisa Vergara is one of the most devoted people I know. Her mission to spread literacy and make diverse books accessible to all is a clear representation of her love for this community. I love that she is able to use her artistic sense to create pieces that convey the importance of reading. 

      As one of the first volunteer ambassadors I had the honor to watch this organization grow to what it is today. I am so thankful for all the opportunities that Lisa has given to all of us volunteers. She allows each of us to use our own skill sets and choose, or even create, projects that we feel connected to.
     Some of my favorite projects were packaging craft kits, collecting breakfast items for Books and Breakfast, making Earth Day bookmarks, and painting kindness rocks to put around town. My friends and I have learned so much through the careful guidance and simultaneous freedom that Lisa showed us. I am so excited to see what impacts that Storytime Crafts will continue to make in our community!!

Jordan Cohen - Needham High School '22

jordan cohen.JPG

I discovered Storytime Crafts in early June of 2021 and it immediately sparked a new passion for me. The founder, Lisa Vergara, has a mission “to promote literacy and kindness,” and I believe she does exactly that.

     There is a severe need in Boston and surrounding areas for easier access to books. The issue has spread continuously throughout recent years while the diversity problem in less fortunate areas has become worse. I work with Storytime Crafts to address this need while spreading kindness with various paintings and collecting books for donation.

     With this organization I have learned more about local communities and their lack of resources than I had during any previous education.

     I think Storytime Crafts has given me a different perspective on what it means to experience service learning. Through read-alouds at elementary schools, making infant care kits, and gathering books to be donated, I have actually been able to see a difference being made.   

     I believe my background and knowledge is well utilized at Storytime Crafts as I can combine my creativity with my ambition to help promote literacy kindness.

     Future projects with Lisa include taking on the role of designing and coordinating culturally diverse story-themed art libraries and donating them to schools in Boston, as well as creating a larger volunteer program encouraging students to participate in book drives, artwork, and community outreach for their own volunteer journeys.

Nora Joyce - Newton Country Day School 

Storytime Crafts has helped me to give back to my community. Through service projects with Storytime Crafts I have learned the great impact that simple acts of kindness and generosity can have on anyone, especially those in need.

     I have learned how powerful it can be when members of a community unite to work for something greater than themself. Storytime Crafts has given me the opportunity to connect and help those who are less fortunate than myself through meaningful service projects.

     During these service projects, I have not only been able to serve those in need, but I have enriched myself. I am thankful for the great impact Storytime Crafts has had on me and the opportunities it has given me to make a difference in my community. 

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