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Higginson-Lewis 3-8 School, Roxbury

Our school is a community-based, family-oriented, full-service school with a strong academic focus. Our modernized building includes a gymnasium, cafeteria, and auditorium, all of which are used to enhance our academic offerings. 

We have many community partners that support our academic and social-emotional missions to improve and enhance student achievement through our guiding values: Respect, Ownership, Accountability, and Responsibility.

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"On February 28th, Storytime Crafts donated 600 books to the Higginson-Lewis 3-8 School who partners with the community organization, Boston’s Higher Ground. Before this donation, Higginson-Lewis only had enough books to fill up half of one bookshelf. With Storytime Crafts donation, we were able to fill the remaining bookshelves with incredible like-new books. These books included something for everyone: Harry Potter, Guinness Book of World Records, comic books, sports books, arts and crafts books, and a host of other books for both students and teachers.

     Art, Math, English, History, and Science teachers gleamed when they received books with various new ideas on how to present lessons, different activities, and worksheets that they could use in the classroom. One teacher even mentioned that she, “had bought this book over the summer when she taught 4th grade ESY” and was “so excited to now have the same book for her current 3rd grade class.” There were also a number of socio-emotional learning books for Higginson Lewis counselors to use as a resource in their sessions with students. These books included education on mindfulness techniques and anxiety, as well as coloring pages!

     While it is apparent that Storytime Crafts’ impact has positively influenced staff morale, it has even more profoundly affected the lives of our students at the Higginson Lewis. A number of students have since visited the newly-updated library over the past week, each picking out a handful of books to bring home and read. Students have also found comfort in these books during times of hardship.

     During a particularly tough morning for one 5th grade student, she found it difficult to attend her morning classes without breaking down in tears. A counselor escorted her to the library where the student was able to sort through the newly donated books. The student stumbled across a directors behind-the-scenes edition of Twilight. As they went through the book together, the student was no longer tearful, but was captivated by everything she had learned about the behind-the-scenes production of one of her favorite movies. It was clear that the student had a newfound burst of joy from her new book as she continued on through the day. She had even decided to bring one of her friends to the library during lunch time.

     On behalf of the Higginson-Lewis community, we are so incredibly grateful for the contributions from Storytime Crafts made possible by The Martin Richard Foundation. Your impact has enriched the lives of our students and staff, and will continue to have lasting effects on our school community."

--Phoebe Wong, Social Work Intern, Boston’s Higher Ground, Higginson-Lewis 3-8 School

"Wow! What an event! Thank you all for bringing this very special opportunity to our students! Before the end of the day, we had a student try to sell his signed copy of the book! That said, I think our kiddos got the message! 

     Financial literacy is so important and we are very grateful for your contributions of time, funding, knowledge and joy!  We are looking forward to continued partnership with all of you.

     Let's keep making wonderful things happen for our kids."


With gratitude,

Dana and Kadian 

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