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Awards and Recognition
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• WCVB-TV's Chronicle program - "Book Bonanza"

Storytime Crafts is on a mission to promote “literacy and kindness” through reading and books. 

• Little Free Library 

Impact Library Program Award - Storytime Crafts, Inc

Selected as recipient of an Impact Library Grant Award. Chosen to receive a Little Free Library book sharing box because of Storytime Crafts' impact throughout neighborhoods with limited book access.



• Needham Youth & Family Services - Honoring an Outstanding Citizen

Patrick and Patricia Forde Good Person Memorial Award - Lisa Vergara, Founder

This award recognizes an adult in the community who has helped make Needham a better place to live through his/her volunteer work and commitment. 

• The Commonwealth of Massachusetts - The House of Representatives

The Massachusetts House of Representatives -Citation Award - Lisa Vergara, Founder

Presented by Massachusetts State Representaive Denise Garlick in recognition of being awarded the Patrick and Patricia Forde Good Person Memorial Award for creating Storytime Crafts for all children and kindness within our community.

• Little Free Library - Read in Color 

Read in Color Library Receipient - Storytime Crafts, Inc

Storytime Crafts was selected to recieve a Read in Color library in recognition of its committment to provide diverse books for all readers.

• Needham Bank 2021 Annual Report

Community Spotlight

Needham Bank partners with Storytime Crafts to install a Little Free Library at ABCD Parker Hill/Fenway

• The Dimock Center 2021 Annual Report: Healing Together

It takes a community 

Spotlight: Storytime Crafts donates baby formula and everyday essentials for patients.

• Little Free Library - GMA Book Club Pick

Good Morning America’s January Book Club Pick - Storytime Crafts

Storytime Crafts' Little Free Library located at Washington Beech Playground, Roslindale, MA was one of 150 registered libraries selected to receive Good Morning America’s January Book Club Pick: “The Maid” by Nita Prose. 

• UMass Dartmouth Alumni Association - 49th Annual Alumni Awards 

Volunteer Service Award - Lisa Vergara, Founder, UMass Dartmouth, '83

This award recognizes a graduate for outstanding service to UMass Dartmouth and the community.

• Little Free Library - Todd H. Bol Award

Award for Outstanding Achievement - Lisa Vergara, Founder

This award honors extraordinary individuals and organizations who embody LFL’s mission to build community, inspire readers and expand book access for all.

• Little Free Library - Steward Spotlight

Feature Spotlight: Lisa Vergara, Founder

Storytime Crafts was recognized for its efforts to install little free libraries in neighborhoods with a goal of providing book access to all.  

• Judith’s Reading Room - Freedom Through Literacy Award 

Board Option Prize Winner - "Literacy Through Art of the Book" - Lisa Vergara, Founder

This award identifies and honors individual champions of literacy from all disciplines around the world -- teachers, librarians, authors, researchers, educators -- anyone who has done exemplary work to instill in others a love of reading.

• Judith’s Reading Room Inagurates its First Literacy Chair Award 

In partnership with Storytime Crafts

The Literacy Chair Award, inaugurated in October 2022, is in honor of or in memory of a champion of literacy nominated by a Judith’s Reading Room member of the Board of Directors.


• Needham Channel News
Storytime Crafts mission of uniting communities to promote inclusive childhood literacy. 

• The Dimock Center 2020 Annual Report: A Year Like No Other

Little Free Library at Dimock

Spotlight: Storytime Crafts donated a Little Free Library for the Dimock community.

Dimock's Ruth Kelly Ummi's House Literacy Corner

Spotlight: Children's furniture set and books for the Literacy Corner at Ruth Kelly Ummi's House stabilization program, donated by Storytime Crafts

• Little Free Library 

Impact Library Program Award - Storytime Crafts, Inc

Recipient of a Little Free Library Impact Library package. Chosen to receive a Little Free Library book sharing box because of Storytime Crafts' impact throughout neighborhoods with limited book access.

• The Commonwealth of Massachusetts/House of Representatives

Storytime Crafts was ackowledged by Massachusetts Representative Denise Garlick for its ongoing efforts to help those in need.

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