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48,531 books donated

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Who We Are:

Storytime Crafts, Inc is a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit organization with a grassroots literacy initiative dedicated to creating diverse book-rich environments for children that promotes the joy of reading, inclusive for all children.

Our Mission:

Promoting literacy and kindness

Literacy is the ability to read, listen, write and speak in a way that allows children to communicate effectively. The power of literacy helps children build successful experiences leading to future success. 

Kindness is beautiful and the most valuable thing in the world. Kindness means being friendly and considerate, and over-all being good-hearted. Kindness has been shown to increase empathy, compassion and self-esteem. And, we believe Kindness is Everything!

Storytime Crafts was founded with the goal of uniting communities to promote inclusive childhood literacy opportunities. We are dedicated to amplifying the voices and stories of diverse children's book authors and directing literacy resources throughout communities. 

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As of August 25, 2020, we are now accepting new and gently used children's books grades prek-8. Our new book donation shed built in partnership with Needham Bank, is located at Gorse Mills Studios, 31 Thorpe Road, Needham. In addition, visit our little free library located at Gorse Mill Studios.


Storytime Crafts founder Lisa Vergara of Needham, MA, is an impactful nonprofit leader. Storytime Crafts has a clear mission and purpose of creating diverse book-rich environments for children. Ms. Vergara has assembled talented and skilled volunteers dedicated to supporting the organization’s grassroots literacy initiative.

     The ratio of program expenses to total expenses is such that a donor can rest assured that their donation will go as far as possible.

     Ms. Vergara has displayed an ability to inspire and engage volunteers and constituents/members as passionate partners and spokespersons. Further, Ms. Vergara has shown a willingness to partner with other nonprofits working to address the same issues, regarding those organizations as allies as opposed to competitors.

     Accordingly, I am pleased to be a partner with Storytime Crafts. 

-- Lennox Chase, Chase Legal Services

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