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Mother Caroline Academy, Dorchester

Mother Caroline Academy empowers girls in grades 3-8 to think bigger, bolder, and beyond, through educational excellence, leadership development, and community stewardship in a safe space that fosters social and emotional learning. Our aim is to empower students and families to achieve generational growth and development where all can imagine a future with limitless possibilities.

"We are incredibly grateful for the generous book donation that has enriched the lives of our students. The graphic novels have sparked a newfound excitement for reading among them. Witnessing their enthusiasm as they immerse themselves in these captivating graphic novels during their free time has been truly heartwarming. Not only are they enjoying the books, but they are also developing valuable literacy skills and expanding their imaginations. This donation has made a significant impact on our students' love for reading, and we cannot thank the donors enough for their kindness and support."


- Michaela Brotman, 6-8 Grade ELA Teacher

"I teach third grade at MCA. As a teacher, it is important for me to provide developmentally appropriate materials for my students. Before school started, I purchased and was gifted through an Amazon wishlist a lot of books for my classroom library. Now that we are halfway through the school year, the students are ready for variety. This donation came at the perfect time. I was able to select books to add  to my classroom library and the students are loving them. Thank you so much for the donation."


- Kimberly Moore, 3rd Grade Teacher

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