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Curley K8 School, Jamaica Plain

The Curley is a K-8 school located in Jamaica Plain. We have three common expectations. We CARE about ourselves. We CARE about each other. We CARE about our school. The Curley K-8 welcomes all families and celebrates the diversity of its community.

"I had a brief phone call with Lisa about a targeted need in our library.  I infomed Lisa that Curley students who are just beginning to crack the reading code are excited to read books that connect to characters they see in movies and TV shows: Spiderman, Batman, Barbie, Peppa Pig, Octonauts, Lego and Star Wars.  At the time, we had few of those titles, and I asked if Lisa could provide us with Beginning Reader "Pop Culture" collections.  Lisa replied, 'We've never done such a specific donation before, but I'll see what we can do.'  They did not waste any time!  The next day, Lisa contacted me to let me know that she had prepared several boxes of books, toys, games and puzzles that would meet my library's needs.  I am deeply grateful for Lisa's ability to be flexible and responsive to our particular library's needs!  This pop culture Beginning Readers Section will certainly be a favorite for my students and I am excited to work with Storytime Crafts in the future!" 

-- David Vitale-Wolff, Curley School Librarian

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