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Hennigan K-8 School, Jamaica Plain

At the Hennigan School, we welcome and celebrate a diverse student community. All of our students learn in a culturally sensitive environment with educators who have each been trained to meet the individual learning needs of our students.


The Hennigan School provides opportunities for all students to succeed at the elementary level to prepare them for success at the middle and high school levels, college and beyond. We provide a rigorous curriculum focused on content-based knowledge.

The Hennigan School was named a "High Support School" and therefore receives additional support for staff and students. We developed a strategic plan to accelerate the learning of all of our students.

"We are so fortunate to be newly partnered with Storytime Crafts! Lisa is wonderful, and after some discussion about the school and student needs, Lisa dropped off a van- load of books, games, puzzles, stuffed animals, musical instruments, and prizes for our budding readers. My school has students of a wide range of linguistic and cultural backgrounds, and most students are from low -income families, so her generous donation was well received and the students were beyond excited about their donated gifts.

     In our library, I've been using some items as incentives for students to read more, the games have been shared with the school community, including members of the after-school program who desperately needed them, and our music teacher was thrilled to receive new instruments for the littlest kiddos. What a joy and a gift to be able to partner with such a wonderful nonprofit. Thank you so much!"

-- Kelly Donoghue, Library Media Specialist, Hennigan K-8 School, Jamaica Plain

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