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P. A. Shaw Elementary School, Dorchester

We at the P. A. Shaw Elementary School believe in developing critical thinkers and active citizens in the community. Through rigorous instruction, inquiry-based learning, and family-community engagement practices, we will foster the relationships necessary to ensure that all children are successful and take ownership of who they are, where they come from, and where they are going.

"I am humbled by the collective generosity of Storytime Crafts and The Martin Richard Foundation. The possibilities that you have provided for my students are truly inspiring! As I’m sure you know, budget cut backs have made it increasingly difficult for my school to order new books. Students need lots of books to develop a real passion for reading, and your donation is helping me to get ALL of my students to love reading. 
     I truly believe the active encouragement of reading for pleasure should be a core part of every child's educational entitlement. You are helping me to celebrate the importance of reading as a pleasurable activity in its own right, not just as a means to learning curriculum. With your generous donation the Shaw’s classroom teachers were able to select books to add to their classroom libraries. This saved our new teachers from having to spend hundreds of dollars of their own money purchasing engaging titles for students. We also were able to give away books during our Back To School Night on September 20th. Families and students were incredibly grateful to be able to select the books they wanted to have, and just knowing they had some choice in book selection was incredibly powerful. 

     When you read often and with enthusiasm, usually just for the sheer fun of it, you lay foundations that last for life. Thank you for giving my students this donation. You have opened their eyes to a world of possibility, and are helping me to spread the message that reading can be transformative!"

-- Morgan Keohane, Teacher Librarian, P. A. Shaw Elementary School, Dorchester

"The Shaw hosted Family Literacy Day this past Friday and the event was a resounding success! We had a large number of families join us in celebrating literacy through various activities, games, and books.
     Your generous book donation allowed all children and families to pick engaging books to build and/or expand upon their home library collections. I did have signage up that highlighted the generosity of Storytime Crafts, and many families expressed their gratitude. They were amazed at the amount of high-quality books available for them to choose from.
     Thank you again for helping to make this event engaging and meaningful to all involved. 

-- MK

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