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Chelsea Opportunity Academy, Chelsea

The Chelsea Opportunity Academy (COA) is a place where students who have struggled to be successful in traditional schools will flourish. Through flexible scheduling, blended learning and individualized support, students will make progress towards earning a high school diploma. The school values students’ competing priorities outside of school and recognizes them as school credit-earning learning experiences. Students are active participants and have a voice in all aspects of school design, policy and operations. Students and staff form lasting relationships as they work together to build an effective and meaningful plan in preparation for college, career and life after high school.

"Storytime Crafts truly lives its mission of promoting literacy and kindness one book at a time. Lisa at Storytime Crafts is a reminder of what's possible for all of us when we have a clear mission, a huge heart, and an undeterrable commitment to our communities. I have partnered with Storytime Crafts through three different schools over the years, and each school community has been deeply enriched by this partnership.

     I am constantly amazed by not only the quantity, but also the quality of materials that Lisa provides. Lisa works hard to gather resources that reflect and affirm the diverse identities of our students and is always thinking of ways to expand Storytime Crafts to best serve our young people. 

     I never get sick of hearing students view the bookshelf by my desk and exclaim, "How do you always have the best books?!" or share, "My friend told me to come to your room to select a book because you have all the good ones!" This is all thanks to the amazing work of Storytime Crafts!"

-- Melissa Psallidas, Transformative Learning Experience Coach and Primary Person Manager, Chelsea Opportunity Academy, Chelsea

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