Immigrant Family Services Institute, (IFSI-USA) Mattapan

Our mission is to expedite the successful integration of recent immigrants into the social and economic fabric of the United States with justice and dignity. IFSI focuses on children first.  Educating children yields enormous benefits not only for the children but for society as youth engage and become productive members of the workforce.

Immigrant Family Services Institute provides targeted academic support and enrichment services, using an holistic approach that addresses the unique challenges of immigrant children as a way to maximize their full potential in school and beyond.

In addition, IFSI advocates for immigrant rights, most recently addressing current TPS recipients by helping with  alternative paths to citizenship and providing accurate and timely information about and responses to new developments.

October 1 & October 29, 2021

Storytime Crafts is partnering with Immigrant Family Services Institute (IFSI-USA) in Mattapan to collect bikes for teenage youth leaders to ensure the volunteers have transportation to commute to work and also to provide bikes for children and families. A special thank you to our community for all the bike donations and to Jason Stone Injury Lawyers for donating bike helmets. Also, thank you Vella Olivier at Mattapan Food and Fitness Coalition for connecting us.